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This is the list of contributors to the community-funded YAS Perl Development Grant awarded to Damian Conway.

These excellent citizens of the Perl community contributed their hard-earned money for the benefit of all. Our thanks go to both the corporate sponsors, and the many individuals who contributed. Without you, this would not have happened. We owe you everything.

Corporate Sponsors

Blackstar. Blackstar's early involvement was an enormous help, including their US$27,500 matching funds that doubled all the future donations. We owe a great deal to these worthy citizens of the Perl community, who have also sponsored YAPC::Europe.
Morgan Stanley, has been extraordinarily generous in its general sponsorship of the Yet Another Society and in direct sponsorship of Damian. They have our profound gratitude for their substantial contributions towards the betterment of Perl.
VA Linux. VA has consistently supported Yet Another Society and the Yet Another Perl Conferences, as well as supported Perl itself in many ways. VA also deserves our heartfelt thanks.
Manning Publications, publisher of Damian's book Object Oriented Perl. Manning is proving itself to be an excellent citizen of the Perl community, and has also sponsored YAPC for the last two years.
Stonehenge Consulting. Stonehenge has proven itself a pillar of the Perl community, by acts such as these and the consistent sponsorship of YAPC::America::North.
O'Reilly and Associates. We can't say enough good things here -- O'Reilly has contributed to much to the Perl world, as well as to YAPC and Yet Another Society. Few companies have ever been so generous.


Individual Contributors

The importance of the individal contributors cannot be overstated. It is the spirit of these people that really made everything work. While the large sponsorships built the tower, these people were the bedrock of the community on which this was built. No thanks will ever be enough, but -- Thank you.

Note: Some names have been withheld by request. The blank lines separate roughly equivalent donation levels.

If you are not listed here, or there is some error, please email We apologize for any errors or omissions, and will correct them as soon as possible! We will also add links to your home pages if you like.

Once again, our deepest thanks to the remarkable community that has made this all possible.