the conway channel


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January 2001
2 Set up hardware. Set up web-page. Planned projects. (details)
4 Extended website. Added news (and RSS channel). Invented web noir. (details)
8 Ulysses in space. (details)
14 Code gets cut. Talks get polished. (details)
19 The Conway Channel at TPC5. You at TPC5. (details)
27 Travel preparations, module releases, and the joy of $; (details)
February 2001
4 One Day in the Life of Damivan Conwayovich (details)
7 Leaving on a jet plane (details)
10 Silicon Valley survives. Cyclone Damian heads for New York. (details)
18 New York in shock. Seattle braces for impact (details)
20 Sleep less in Seattle. Code less in a Filter. (details)
24 Seattle in ruins. London battens down. (details)
28 Damian in the London with Diamonds (details)
March 2001
1 The bit with subtitles. (details)
2 Inspiration and Seredipity (details)
3 Interlacing and Synchronicity (details)
9 Damian hits India. India hits Damian. India wins. (details)
April 2001
2 Indisposition yields Perl science fiction. (details)
10 The NEXT step in my diabolical plan (details)
16 Text reformation. Conference preparation. Perl 6 conversation. (details)
28 Attributes made easy (details)
May 2001
17 "A Fist Full of Modules" and "The Exegist: Damian Too" (details)
26 Getting those files in line (details)
June 2001
12 On the road again (details)
18 The fun begins (details)
19 Getting high in Toronto (details)
25 The Even-Windier-Than-Usual City (details)
29 Deep in the heart of Texas (details)
July 2001
6 Have a nice Dayton (details)
13 Partying in Boston (details)
21 An Australian in New York (details)
August 2001
4 Drinking from the fire-hose (details)
9 Sleep debt in Seattle (details)
12 Anchors aweigh! Scripts ahoy! (details)
15 Cruising (details)
19 Time out (details)
22 Heading home (details)
September 2001
12 In shock (details)
17 (W)rapping those (details)
20 Re-(w)rapping those (details)
October 2001
4 Phew. Another Exegesis out the door. (details)
15 The delegation from Qo'nos (details)
25 The Once and Future Attribute Handlers (details)
November 2001
15 Pumping modules (details)
December 2001
4 On the Road Again (details)
14 Looking back. Looking forward. (details)
24 'Twas the Last Week of my Grant... (details)
31 That's all folks (details)
January 2002
21 I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (details)
March 2002
22 Reports of my demise have been mildly exaggerated. (details)
April 2002
15 Design ain't easy (details)
May 2002
14 A sense of closure (details)
28 Refactoring the curry (details)
June 2002
14 Going away present (details)
October 2002
7 End of Transmission (details)